3 Tips On Looking After Our Hearing

With the home refurbishment projects popular at this time of year leading us indoors to tasks like decorating, this can lead to a more challenging environment for our ears. Enclosed spaces and a noisy dusty environment can spell disaster for our ears. But with a little care, our ears needn’t suffer. Of course like everything, we tend to forget and put things off, but hears can be damaged by the cumulative effects of time and poor care, for such an important sense that we use all the time, ears should be cared for as we do our eyes. Here are 3 tips on looking after our hearing which doesn’t take too much effort given how reliant we are on our hearing every day of our lives.


1, Understand The Risks

Understanding the risks can help us identify them and put in place mitigation. With an average day, our ears can be exposed to loud noises from traffic, roadworks and music. Limiting exposure is a good idea, we don’t go to a rock concert every day, and for our ear’s health, it needs to be in moderation. In daily life we can experience winds and rain, so often covering up should include your ears. Wind-induced earache is painful and can so easily be avoided.

2, Construction Tools And Environments

With home refurbishment projects sometimes lasting many months in duration, we can find ourselves often encountering noise and dust levels well above what our ears can healthily tolerate. One of the first things you should ensure you have before starting a project is suitable PPE for each of the tasks you will face. Different tools and the tasks that they achieve will generate different risks, but common to most construction tasks are the risks of dust and noise. Both these risks need to be mitigated for our ears. In many cases, ear defenders will do the job well and protect our hearing. Ear defenders should be sized correctly and put on before the noisy task starts. Ear defenders obviously help with dust too, but if we are only dealing with dust, sometimes the easiest way of protecting our ears is by wearing a full overall with a hood that can keep the dust out of both our clothes and our ears. During the summer, ear defenders can be hot to wear, but the slight inconvenience is well worth the mitigation it provides, and preventing hearing damage must come first.

Regular Care

As well as PPE and care whilst working, having regular aural checkups and ear wax removal in London will keep your ears in the best of health. This is a much-preferred method to Cotton Buds which are not only ineffective but in some cases, their use can lead to problems. Our natural earwax is our body’s way of protecting our ears, but ineffective use of a cotton bud can lead to a buildup of excess wax and further problems. Ear wax removal specialists like Auris Ear Care can provide the services needed to ensure your ears are healthily helping you every day by giving you the best possible hearing in all areas of your life. 

Staying Safe

When using any tools or machinery that can produce noise or dust, be sure to read the manufactures instructions and only use them in an approved way. Always wear ear defenders and dust masks if indicated to do so.

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